Comedy, Music, and a metric ton of Madness

The story of The Mighty 10:01 is a wild and twisted tale of murder, mystery, and mayhem.  Except without the mystery…or mayhem…or murder…and the tale isn’t really twisted or wild.  Born “Darcy Toews”, the performance moniker “10:01” was adopted at an Open Mic in the summer of ’16 shortly after a much desired tattoo.  The true history of the name “10:01” can be found HERE.

Playing in bands for a quarter century, and adding a decade of stand up comedy for good measure, the results are a high energy, fun filled, live performance that taps into rock, folk, grudge, and comedy roots.  Never a winner, but often a player, 10:01 has reached the finals in both song writing and stand-up comedy contests and utilizes every emotion from laughter to tears to create music that tells a story. 

On stage, 10:01 can often be found standing side by side (but closer to the front of the stage) with his percussionist, Kevin Cote, performing as the aptly named acoustic duo “The Mighty 10:01…& Kevin”.

When asked to describe his music, 10:01 often cites “It’s like if John Mayer and the Barenaked Ladies listened to too much Nirvana”. Focusing on witty lines, husky lows, and pained highs, these comparisons are fair. It is entirely possible you will laugh, cry, and be yelled at a Mighty 10:01…& Kevin show.



What to Expect from 10:01